Martin Mitchell Discography




Kate Dimbleby SONGBIRDS

HOWARD RILEY Discussions

Howard Riley Trio

The New Jazz Orchestra – ‘Le Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe’

The New Jazz Orchestra - 'Le Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe'

Edge Of Time – Norma Winstone


Something To Take The Edge Off by Edd Donovan & The Wandering Moles.

Something to Take the Edge Off


A Symphony of Amaranths by Neil Ardley

Symphony of Amaranths

Neil Ardley’s New Jazz Orchestra Camden’70

Neil Ardley Camden

Mike Taylor Remembered

Mike Taylor

Things to Come + psi-fi . Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave

Harmonics of Love. Sonja Kristina

Harmonics of Love Sonja Kristina

Sonja Kristina

Sonja Kristina

Sonja Kristina. Songs From The Acid Folk

Sonja Kristina Songs From The Acid Folk

Kevin Ayers. Still Life With Guitar

Kevin Ayers. Still Life With Guitar

Kevin Ayers. Turn The Lights Down

Kevin Ayers. Turn The Lights Down

Ollie Halsall. Abbots Langley

Ollie Halsall Abbots Langley

Ollie Halsall. Caves

Caves Ollie Halsall

Al Atkins. Heavy Thoughts

Al Atkins

Rod Clements. Stamping Ground

Rod Clements Stamping Ground.

Steve Tilston. Life By Misadventure

Life by Misadventure Steve Tilston

Pierre Tubbs. Pierre’s Plastic Dream

Pierre's Plastic Dream

Nirvana With Patrick Campbell Lyons. Me And My Friends


People On The Highway – a Bert Jansch Encomium

Bert Jansch

Steve Ashley. Speedy Return

Speedy Return.

Steve Ashley. Stroll On Revisited

Stroll On

Steve Ashley. Test of Time

Test of Time

Lindisfarne. Happy Daze

Lindisfarne. Happy Daze.

Alan Hull. Phantoms

Alan Hull Phantoms

Alan Hull. Alright on The Night 

Alan Hull Live

Jack The Lad. Jackpot

Jack the Lad

Luminos. Seize The Day


Michael Chapman. And Then, There were Three

Michael Chapman And Then, There

Michael Chapman. Growing Pains 3

Michael Chapman Growing Pains 3

Tim Rose. The London Sessions 1978-1998

Tim Rose

Nutz. Tightened Up

Nutz Tightened_Up.

The Famous Jug Band. O For Summer

Famous Jug Band

Orchestra Luna

Orchestra Luna

Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy 

lady june



STEVE ASHLEY – Another Day


A Noel Coward Miscellany

Noel Coward Peter Gill

STEVE ASHLEY – This Little Game

This Little Game

Echoes of France

Echoes of France

Joe Martin Swings The Beatles


The Jerry Lee Lewis Story 

The Jerry Lee Lewis Story

An Evening With The Humour of Bob Newhart & Tom Lehrer

Tom and Bob

Politically Incorrect – The Songs of Tom Lehrer

Politically Incorrect CD square web

Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Good Times Roll

Steve Ashley Live in Concert 


Steve Ashley. Time And Tide


Steve Ashley. Everyday Lives

Everyday Lives.

Steve Ashley. Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways

Rotovators. Meat


Phil Cool’s Gem and Jewels 

Phil Cool's Gems and Jewels



Sherlock Holmes performed by Andrew Meller

Sherlock Holmes

An Evening With Henry Blofeld

Henry Blofeld

Pam Ayres Ancient & Modern

Pam Ayres Ancient & Modern

Pam Ayres. They Should Have Asked My Husband 

Pam Ayres They Should Have

Martin Jarvis. Just William Live on Stage

Just William Live on Stage